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"Melpomeni knows how to help people become  aware of their own voice as they seek more out of their career or vocation."


Stephen Wehr, CFP Senior Wealth Strategist & Coaching Client

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Study • Story • Strategy

At MUSEone we’ve honed an elemental approach to innovation. Through executive coaching our clients align intention, values, and agency to identify and achieve transformative growth. Our advancement counsel blends study, story, and strategy to engage your constituents, inspire your own creativity, and discover the voice of your vision. Our approach is tailored to each client - calling upon our depth of experience and our expertise at seeing the sculpture within the stone.  


Coaching, Counsel & More

MUSEone is the catalyst for our clients' transformative growth through executive coaching and advancement counsel. From professional to personal to philanthropic pursuits, we energize our clients to identify their passions, gifts, and expertise. With these tools and our guidance, we craft the paths to prepare and inspire our clients to realize their vision.  


Melpomeni N. Murdakes, CPC, ELI-MP

As a Certified Professional Coach with over 28 years of advancement counsel experience partnering with firms and projects across the country, she brings our clients the valuable perspective, honed intuition, and professional objectivity to make their best moves forward.  

An Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Melpomeni integrates executive coaching tools and techniques to guide clients to connect with intuitive insights to identify value-aligned pathways for growth.

From those who have worked with us . . .



"Melpomeni is articulate, tactful and impressive. As a public speaker, she is at ease with all constituencies. She knows how to listen and gain feedback from all participants. Even in tense situations, she can facilitate a meeting for the best outcome and greater good. She has an uncanny ability to evaluate a situation and provide guidance and counsel to move everyone forward.” 

MaryBeth Mueller 

Superintendent of Schools 

Diocese of Phoenix  



"Interviewees to a person praised Melpomeni for her listening skills. They felt that she genuinely valued what they had to say and thoroughly enjoyed the interview experience. That alone was a public relations coup for the school. Even more importantly, the narratives she created captured the student experience with great effectiveness, literally bringing people tears.”  

Terry Tofte, PhD 

Head of School 

St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists  



"Creative juices are sure to kick in when partnering with Melpo.  She draws from a wealth of original ideas regardless of the project or concept with which she is tasked.  Her astute listening skills, ability to ask probing questions, and attention to detail yield exceptional results.  Working with Melpo actually increased my own creative process and helped assure us tangible and measurable positive outcomes." 

Patty Christopulos 

Vice President 

Light & Life Publishing  



"Her ability to think strategically, listen actively, and gently (yet firmly) push for resolution and focus, allowed a group of diverse thinkers to unanimously agree on the important next steps."   Katherine B.

"She has a keen sense about people and what motivates them."  Rebecca T.

"I thank Melpo Murdakes for her strategic skills and her unswerving enthusiasm and support."  Dean D.

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